Positive Material Indentification (PMI)

XRF Alloy Verification


OES Alloy Verification

POSITIVE MATERIAL IDENTIFICATION / ALLOY VERIFICATION is our business, and GRIMES ANALYTICAL, INC. utilizes over thirty years selling PMI/Alloy verification analyzers giving us an understanding of limitations and boundaries of portable material analyzers many PMI companies don't understand. We will not waste your time or ours but we will give you an honest realistic opinion and our official reports are not unscrupulously generated, but are actually measured by state of the art analyzers giving you the customer actual results from a factory calibrated analyzer. Measuring and documenting the actual data from certified standards will prove our analyzers accuracy and precision. We refuse to give our customers a bunch of mumbo jumbo double talk about correcting the analyzed data to fit the specifications. Analyzed data directly from the analyzer should fit the specifications or the analyzer isn't working properly. Don't accept bogus data!


Optical Emission Spectrometry

(Optical Emission Spectrometry)

X-Ray Fluorescence

(X-Ray Fluorescence)

"TOTAL PMI" is what Grimes Anaytical Inc. offers with the combination of portable XRF and OES analyzers there is seldom a job we can't handle. The following pages describe each and their capabilities.

XRF PMI Alloy Verification  |  OES PMI Alloy Verification


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